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Noun1.guinea gold - brass with enough copper to give it a reddish tintguinea gold - brass with enough copper to give it a reddish tint; used for plumbing pipe and other brass hardware and in cheap jewelry
brass - an alloy of copper and zinc
2.guinea gold - 22-karat gold from which guinea coins were made
atomic number 79, Au, gold - a soft yellow malleable ductile (trivalent and univalent) metallic element; occurs mainly as nuggets in rocks and alluvial deposits; does not react with most chemicals but is attacked by chlorine and aqua regia
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In November 2010 GOA entered into an agreement ("Agreement") with New Guinea Gold Corporation (CVE:NGG), subject to the approval of the PNG Minister of Mines, for Anomaly to acquire NGG's 10% interest in the Project in exchange for the issue of 31.
Celtic acquired its interest in the Crater Mountain Project pursuant to a joint venture option agreement with Macmin (PNG) Limited and New Guinea Gold Corporation (NGG-TSXV) in January 2004 on an area of 44 km2.
Canadian-listed New Guinea Gold Corp is the major Coppermoly shareholder with 17.
16 July Ministerial approval for Papua New Guinea Gold Joint
This comic strip, drawn by Alex Gurney, first appeared briefly in the magazine Picture-News in 1939, but was then transferred to the Melbourne Sun, from where it was syndicated to newspapers all over Australia, appearing also in Canada, New Zealand, and in New Guinea for the serviceman's paper, Guinea Gold.
Within a few years, the 'easy' deposits had been worked out and many independent miners left to prospect further afield, so that larger syndicates and companies like Guinea Gold No Liability, Day Dawn Ltd, Bulolo Gold Dredging (BGD, a subsidiary of the Canadian Placer Development Limited), and New Guinea Goldfield (NGG, a subsidiary of the Russio-Asiatic Consolidated) were left to dominate the Morobe extractive scene.
Scotland's Todd Cooper and England's Matthew Bowe failed to medal in the 100m butterfly, finishing sixth and seventh, while there was a first Papua New Guinea gold for Ryan Pini which sparked wild celebrations among the small band of supporters from the Pacific islanders.
The highest price achieved in the auction was for a Charles II five guinea gold coin dated 1678, the condition of the coin was superb coupled with the provenance and receipt from the coin dealer Seaby in 1964 took it to a fantastic price of pounds 3,175.
Pursuant to an Option Agreement between Vangold and New Guinea Gold Corp.
It blooms in March, alongside the fragrant E Guinea Gold.
If you use several paneled modules, youcan add the more sprawling Clematis jackmanii, Guinea gold vine, and stephanotis to the list.
VANCOUVER -- Vangold Resources Ltd ("Vangold") and its joint venture partner, New Guinea Gold Corporation ("NGG") are pleased to announce plans for additional exploration on some of its key projects: