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Noun1.guitar player - a musician who plays the guitarguitar player - a musician who plays the guitar  
instrumentalist, musician, player - someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
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English guitar player and teacher Govan -- who is perhaps one of the best guitarists in the world -- will bring a new kind of musical atmosphere to Downtown Live in Nicosia on Monday, when he will take to the stage.
Prince was an original lyricist and a startling guitar player.
A fantastic guitar player, "A fantastic guitar player, able to take a Fender Stra able to take a Fender Stratocaster and really make it tocaster and really make it sing," said blues legend Joe sing," said blues legend Joe Bonamassa.
The result details the intimate moments--the successes, the revelations, the failures, the breakthroughs and stagnant moments--of one guitar player whose journal serves as a testimony highly recommended for other aspiring guitarists who yearn to break away from amateur status to achieve excellence.
Voted Best World Music Guitar Player by readers of Guitar Player magazine, Bensusan has built up a global reputation for making a single guitar sound like an entire band.
Legendary musician Hendrix was named the greatest guitar player in history in 2011 by Rolling Stone magazine in a list compiled by a panel of music experts and top guitar players.
In 2001, a steel guitar player launched his vision of an entertainment complex where folks could bring their family and enjoy the outdoors, a good down home meal and a great country music show.
The album is produced by singer/ songwriter/ guitar player Amit Yadav, and is mixed by Gaurav Dayal.
Yet almost all the bands to have played Gigantour feature at least one incredible guitar player.
More than 300 of Al Viola's friends from the music industry packed Barone's Italian Restaurant in Van Nuys on Monday to pay final respects to the legendary guitar player who died last week of cancer at his Studio City home.
An unlikely friendship with troubled, guitar player Curt helps overweight Troy change his pessimistic outlook on life.
If we need to figure out how to have a guitar player .