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Adj.1.guitar-shaped - shaped in the form of a guitar
formed - having or given a form or shape
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City of Music is India's first music-themed township that have its doors guitar-shaped swimming pool, recording studios, instrument zone, underwater speakers, an open-air amphitheatre and music fountains to welcome you home
99 New Look Manfulness book PS5 Boots RockStirs shape teaspoons guitar-shaped PS4.
Guitar Hero Live," the first new entry in the series in 5 years, introduced live actors, a new guitar-shaped controller and the online music video network "GHTV," which allows players to strum along to tunes as music videos or live performances are streamed in the background.
I thought again of Iain and the last time I spoke to him, bizarrely enough, lazing around in a guitar-shaped swimming pool somewhere in Brazil.
announced plans earlier this month to resurrect the once-popular video game franchise, which involved players rhythmically tapping guitar-shaped controllers along to music.
They later visited an event celebrating UK creativity where Wills tried a guitar-shaped synthesiser before a black tie fundraiser at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to mark the 600th anniversary of St Andrews University where the royal couple met as students.
She didn't go so far as wanting the t-shirt - but it may not be long before there's a guitar-shaped parcel waiting for her beneath the Christmas tree.
Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill is a country themed bar that will feature an 85-foot guitar-shaped bar and a venue for live performances.
The fee includes a singlet, a guitar-shaped finisher's medal, a finisher's shirt, Runrio's water sports bottle, Runrio towel and freebies from Safeguard, Gatorade and Milo.
Sunday night saw an end to that legacy as Hard Rock Cafe Beirut cashed out its guitar-shaped bar for the last time.
Guests received a guitar-shaped cast iron skillet reminiscent of the groom's love of cooking, the outdoors, and guitar playing.
Midland musician John Graham, who was 67 and played in 1960s rock band The Ramrods, was buried in a 12ft guitar-shaped coffin last week.