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 (go͞ol′dən, go͝ol′-)
n. pl. gul·dens or gulden
A guilder.

[Middle English, from Dutch gulden (florijn), golden (florin), from Middle Dutch; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -dens or -den
(Currencies) a variant of guilder


(ˈgɪl dər)

1. the basic currency of the Netherlands, which has a fixed value relative to the euro.
2. the basic monetary unit of the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.
3. a former gold coin of the Netherlands; florin.
4. the Austrian florin.
5. any of various gold coins formerly issued by German states.
Also called gulden.
[1425–75; < Middle Dutch gulden gulden]
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Noun1.gulden - the basic unit of money in Surinamegulden - the basic unit of money in Suriname; equal to 100 cents
Surinamese monetary unit - monetary unit in Suriname
2.gulden - formerly the basic unit of money in the Netherlands; equal to 100 cents
cent - a fractional monetary unit of several countries
Dutch monetary unit - monetary unit in the Netherlands
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