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Hinged at the top so as to swing upward. Used of a type of automobile door.
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In 2012, the British family found in their shed a rare sports car Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing model in 1957.
The vehicle features gullwing doors, a long, muscular bonnet, a short deck profile, while the rear deck has a slight spoiler.
The DeLorean's silver gullwing door design was immortalised by the 1985 Hollywood film starring Michael J Fox a few years after the collapse of the original manufacturing firm in Northern Ireland.
The TONGHAND hydraulic attachment's patented rotation arms, gullwing design and integral TongVise[TM] are controlled by a single operator inside any 30-ton excavator.
The time machine created out of a DeLorean gullwing car was a stroke of genius - as it both summed up the 80s and added a touch of futuristic glamour to the film.
Despite the crowd-pleasing gullwing doors, other exotic supercar rivals have more exclusive looks, especially inside.
Grind through a Gullwing groove with Deer Man of Dark Woods
AFURNITURE care firm were in the driving seat when a replica 1955 Mercedes Gullwing needed some TLC.
But for anyone who enjoys edgeof-the-seat excitement, superb driving dynamics and all the tech spec you can shake a stick at then what does it matter how gracefully you climb in or out of the 'very' low-slung i8 via the gullwing doors.
The only four-door gullwing motor ever to be created, the Evos's front will be seen on the new Mondeo in 2014.
MERC is adding to its line-up of Black Series editions with a souped-up SLS Gullwing.
Bridging is the result of a thermal mass mismatch between the pad and component lead, and most often occurs with gullwing devices.