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v. gulped, gulp·ing, gulps
1. To swallow greedily or rapidly in large amounts: gulp down coffee.
2. To choke back by or as if by swallowing.
1. To choke or gasp, as in swallowing large amounts of liquid.
2. To swallow air audibly, as in nervousness.
1. The act of gulping.
2. A large amount swallowed at one time.

[From Middle English gulpen or from Flemish or Dutch gulpen.]

gulp′er n.
gulp′ing·ly adv.
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Noun1.gulper - a drinker who swallows large amounts greedily
drinker - a person who drinks liquids
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The alternative world of Trianukka also has gulpers and merwraiths in the sea, and fierce terrodyls with corrosive blood, in the air.
1 animal exposed to antifreeze, are gulpers and do not take the time to taste things first," Dr.
The fact that ING analysts once more score highly among investors is a recognition of ING s choice for in-depth medium-term research, without losing sight of short-term opportunities, according to Marco Gulpers, head of equity research.
Chickens, on the other hand, tend to be sippers rather than gulpers.
Shopaholics, chain smokers, and big gulpers were not his subjects.
Rivals have repositioned themselves in Russia in order to utilise excessive capacity and adapt to changes in regulation, analysts Gerard Rijk and Marco Gulpers said in a note.
All the boxes are ticked," Marco Gulpers, an analyst at ING in Amsterdam, said by phone.
Dutch brewer Heineken (AMS:HEIA) is not an appropriate buyer for the beer-making unit of Australian Foster's Group (ASX:FGL), ING's analyst Marco Gulpers said yesterday.
Armies all over the world are big gulpers and some of the biggest commission and kickback scams in history are related to arms purchases.
Marco Gulpers from Dutch ING Wholesale Banking forecasts that Alcon's sale would cost up to 0.
BRACE yourself, my gaggle of gobblers, gulpers and gourmets.