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Noun1.gum ball - a ball of chewing gum with a coating of colored sugargum ball - a ball of chewing gum with a coating of colored sugar
chewing gum, gum - a preparation (usually made of sweetened chicle) for chewing
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Vanilla ice cream mixed with raspberry ripple and a bubble gum ball when they reach the bottom.
Her favorite cupcake was "the one with the gum ball on top (the Beach Boy), because of the way it looked.
What else on this planet combines three wide-eyed, bald mimes wearing glistening blue paint, the fine art of mouth-to-mouth precision gum ball tossing, air poles, pipes and tubes, drumming, Viking helmets, Cap'n Crunch, Twinkies, the risk of causing too much ear sauce, modern plumbing, rain slickers and the encouragement to shake your "John Madden" like it was "flounder rounder than a giant quarter- pounder?
NPD for Trident, meanwhile, has included a Raspberry & Peach variant of Splash, and new formats, such as the Trident Gum Ball, a spherical container of 40 pieces of Trident Splash.
Give them plenty of bobbles to practice 'up dos' with the Gotcha Girls Gum Ball machine.
Between each coat the gum ball is dried with cool air.
Almost every child has seen a gum ball machine at the exit of a supermarket.
RAPPER 50 Cent is feeling the need for speed he's signed up for this year's Gum ball 3000 car rally.
SKITTLES(R) Carnival Gum features five favorite pastime flavors including Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Gum Ball, Pink Lemonade and Berry-Go-Round.
That's the concept behind Vitaball, in which 11 essential vitamins are incorporated into a gum ball.
From the quarter they paid for a gum ball to the millions they spent on homes, shoppers contributed more than $7 trillion to the gross domestic product last year, two-thirds of its total.