gum down


w>gum down

vt sep labelaufkleben; envelopezukleben
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There was a tang in the very air that inspired the hearts of small maidens tripping, unlike snails, swiftly and willingly to school; and it WAS jolly to be back again at the little brown desk beside Diana, with Ruby Gillis nodding across the aisle and Carrie Sloane sending up notes and Julia Bell passing a "chew" of gum down from the back seat.
They look inconsequential and if I were to pull my gum down and show someone, they'd say: 'So?
But a leading supermarket in Dubai is forcing gum down customers' throats.
I managed to shove some chewing gum down my bra, too, which welded itself in the heat.
Councillor Bob Stanway, the council's Cabinet member for environmental improvement, said: "We hope people will notice a difference this summer - and wouldn't it be great if we could actually encourage people not to throw their chewing gum down on the pavements.
But just as shareholders want investments protected, they also want to see lifelong allegiances preserved and not discarded like old chewing gum down a drain of hastily thought-up and incompatible unisons.