Gun port

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(Naut.) an opening in a ship through which a cannon's muzzle is run out for firing.

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This resulted in two of the bomber's fuel tanks being punctured, both its radio and rear turret gun port being disabled, the starboard inner engine being critically damaged and the internal intercom lines cut.
If you don't use the gun port and seeker covers, the IR glass, the gas port and automate connector can be damaged.
My chum Kev, a former Ark Royal sailor, says this is a naval term that goes back to the days of Nelson and beyond, when cannons were loaded by hand and hauled forward into a gun port on ropes.
30-caliber) mounted coaxially in the turret and in the bow machine gun port and a Browning M2 antiaircraft machine gun (.
The purposes of the tests were to verify installed gun operation, projectile path and gun port design; to measure structural response and acoustic noise levels; and to verify that no external damage to the canopy or systems results from debris expelled during gunfiring.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Cap For Machine Gun Port.
The Georgian windows allow fantastic sea views, and the lounge has a gun port window.