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 (gŭn′ər-ə, gə-nĭr′ə)
Any of several plants of the tropical genus Gunnera, having gigantic leaves and small, red to purple drupes.

[New Latin Gunnera, genus name, after Johann Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773), Norwegian botanist.]


(Plants) any herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Gunnera, found throughout the S hemisphere and cultivated for its large leaves
[C18: named after J. E. Gunnerus (1718–73), Norwegian bishop and botanist]
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The gardens are famous for the collections of conifers, ferns and gunneras.
If your area is very moist, then gunneras and rodgersia provide strong shapes with large and tough foliage.
For smaller spaces, there are some small, mat-forming gunneras growing to no more than 15cm (6in) tall.
Nufeeld[R] is a manufacturer of professional monitoring systems based around the EmbracingSound[R] technology, founded by Johan Eckerblad and Mikael Gunneras, both long time fans of the single loudspeaker box invention as well as professional sound engineers, musicians and producers since more than twenty years.
While there are some small, mat-forming gunneras growing to no more than 15cm (6in) tall, it is the giant rhubarb, G manicata, which is the real showstopper in this group of perennials.
Other show gardens featured all manner of foliage plants in a mass of textures and colours, from bold gunneras, to fragile-looking ferns, rich hostas and bamboos which gave movement to the gardens.
In gardens where gunneras can grow to full size, whole families can shelter under their huge rough leaves - they look like a leftover from when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
There's a lake, which is well-populated by birds, huge marginal plantings of Gunneras and Ligularias - and a hot south-facing border full of plants we can only just grow in the Midlands.
Hostas, ferns, Astilbes and Gunneras all love damp soils as do willows, Eucalyptus, alder and Liquidamber.
I love the great gunneras from the Amazon with leaves so enormous you can shelter from the rain under a single one.
And it's also here you find the top foliage plants - hostas, ligularias, gunneras, and a wide range of ferns.