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Noun1.gunny sack - a bag made of burlapgunny sack - a bag made of burlap      
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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Of course every boat-hand fixed a gunny sack and put it on like a bonnet, the way they do when they are toting wood, and we got one for Jake, and he slipped down aft with his hand-bag and come tramping forrard just like the rest, and walked ashore with them, and when we see him pass out of the light of the torch-basket and get swallowed up in the dark, we got our breath again and just felt grateful and splendid.
The seven-year-old was then found dumped in the fields behind the house inside a gunny sack.
He told that after the murder the brothers, who were also neighbours of Qureshi who lived in Sarfaraz Colony area, packed the dead body in a curtain and a gunny sack and threw it by the roadside.
G Vassanjee's two novels--The Gunny Sack and No New Land--and demonstrates how collective experiences of displacement and migration, expressed through a fictional medium, become a part of global-cultural history.
First, she thought of "typical picnic games," such as a gunny sack race and a water balloon toss.
Vassanji's novel The Gunny Sack (1989) provides a starting point; in Desai's text, The Gunny Sack appears in the final chapter.
Phocion" Howard, who covered the Little Big Horn battle, found the ledger among numerous mailings in a funery Lakota lodge wrapped in a gunny sack.
Along with that, many a poor man rode a saddle held on the horse with a gunny sack cinch.
Vassanji (author of The Gunny Sack, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall [see WLT, Sept.
Vassanji (The Gunny Sack 119891), Ahdaf Soueif (The Map of Love [1999]), among others, Marx traces how people help to shape a meritocratic "global civic society" under the highly unstable conditions of what he calls, after Zygmunt Bauman, "liquid modernity" (168,146).
The average price of coal is 3,200-3,400 som per one ton, or 200-250 som per one gunny sack.
The fanny pack holster, such as the DeSantis Gunny Sack, rests in the lap and can be more comfortable on a seated wearer than one standing.