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One that smuggles firearms and ammunition.

gun′run′ning n.


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) the smuggling of guns and ammunition or other weapons of war into a country
ˈgunˌrunner n


(ˈgʌnˌrʌn ɪŋ)

the smuggling of weapons into a country.
gun′run`ner, n.
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Noun1.gunrunning - the smuggling of guns and ammunition into a country secretly and illegally
smuggling - secretly importing prohibited goods or goods on which duty is due


[ˈgʌnˌrʌnɪŋ] Ncontrabando m or tráfico m de armas


[ˈgʌnˌrʌnɪŋ] ntraffico or contrabbando d'armi
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Extremists primarily collect money as subscription from sympathizers and criminal activities such as extortion, gunrunning and narcotics trade.
In school, she became friendly with some Middle Eastern Jewish students, became fascinated with Jewish history, and got involved with underground gunrunning.
Extremists primarily collect money as subscription from sympathisers and criminal activities like extortion, gunrunning and narcotics trade.
Sergio Barrera, 23, of Chicago was booked on more than three dozen felony counts that include gunrunning and delivering a controlled substance.
An alleged gun-for-hire and member of a gunrunning syndicate was killed by police in San Pablo City in Laguna province early Thursday.
This is all the stranger, in that Tories claim to be patriotic about our nation, to drag its own standards of social justice into the gutter, with the same attitude abroad, of gunrunning to Saudi Arabia and the Yemen, and unsympathetic disregard for the refugee.
He had recently been released from jail for gunrunning.
The Indian coastguard said the vessel had strayed into territorial waters and the British guards were accused of gunrunning for jihadists after the discovery of weapons onboard.
You dismiss officials for drinking indiscipline but you are letting off the officers involved in gunrunning with a reprimand or a meagre fine?
DENIS McCormack's voice cracked with emotion as he recalled his father's gunrunning as a teenager in the Rising.
Paul Towers - being held in relation to piracy and gunrunning charges in India
The suspected terrorist has also engaged in gunrunning activities for the mother and affiliate terrorist groups, the ISF communiquA' said.