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1. An armed aircraft, such as a helicopter, that is used to support troops and provide covering fire.
2. A ship, such as a battleship, armed with cannons or other guns.


(Military) another name for helicopter gunship



an armed helicopter or airplane used to provide close air support for combat troops.
helicóptero artilladohelicóptero de combate
hélicoptère de combat


[ˈgʌnʃɪp] Nhelicóptero m artillado or de combate
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The Ugandan-owned gunship, according to the rebel official, mainly targeted Waat airstrip, which he said remains under rebels' control.
APACHE gunship helicopters have become a common sight in the sky above North Wales this week.
In short, USAF leadership's focus and development of a force built around defeating a "sophisticated state enemy" in a conventional force-on-force fight must be balanced with the missing gunship effect or we invite strategic failure in the most likely future conflicts.
Gunship crews spend a lot of time "looking at tops of clouds.
The A-10, which has been the target of proposed defense budget cuts over the last four years, was joined by an AC-130 Spectre gunship as it helped take the town of al-Hawl and around 250 square kilometers of surrounding area, said Army Col.
A RUSSIAN helicopter gunship has crashed during an air show, killing one of its crew members and injuring another.
NNA - An Apache helicopter gunship from the Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemeni rebels made an emergency landing Thursday just inside the border from Yemen, a Saudi official said, ruling out hostile fire.
Rawalpindi -- Military gunship helicopters pounded hideouts of militants in North Waziristan, killing 12 more terrorists on Wednesday, military media wing said here.
ISLAMABAD, Jan 7 (KUNA) -- At least 12 militants were killed during precise air strikes by gunship helicopters of Pakistan military on Wednesday in Waziristan tribal region bordering Afghanistan, said military.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 2, 2014-ATK delivers light gunship to Hashemite Kingdom
Around $124 million will be invested in this year on new aircraft, and $108 million in a "precision strike package" for the AC-130 gunship that includes sensors, a 30 mm gun, standoff precision-guided munitions, a mission operator console, a communications suite and flight deck hardware.
In June, A Syrian helicopter gunship dropped three barrel bombs on a barren area in Khirbet Daoud.