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also gun·nel  (gŭn′əl)
n. Nautical
The upper edge of the side of a vessel. See Usage Note at boatswain.

[So called because guns were mounted on it.]


(ˈɡʌnəl) or


1. (Nautical Terms) nautical the top of the side of a boat or the topmost plank of a wooden vessel
2. full to the gunwales completely full; full to overflowing


or gun•nel

(ˈgʌn l)

the upper edge of the side or bulwark of a vessel.
[1425–75; late Middle English gunne whele; see gun1, wale]
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Noun1.gunwale - wale at the top of the side of boatgunwale - wale at the top of the side of boat; topmost planking of a wooden vessel
strake, wale - thick plank forming a ridge along the side of a wooden ship


[ˈgʌnl] Nborda f, regala f


[ˈgʌnl] n (Naut) → falchetta
References in classic literature ?
Outside of the bulwarks their eager crews with one hand clung to the rail, while one foot was expectantly poised on the gunwale.
cried a second to another, which, close to our gunwale, seemed calmly cooling himself with his own fan-like extremity.
They began to mount heavenward; the boat was upset, mocking every exertion; the waves rose to the gunwale, and splitting on the hard stones, the Boat broke into Pieces.
Huck was sitting on the gunwale of a flatboat, list- lessly dangling his feet in the water and looking very melancholy.
Peggotty, standing with one hand on the gunwale of the boat, and his eyes cast down, put his disengaged hand before his face.
He dipped his hand in the water over the boat's gunwale, and said, smiling with that softened air upon him which was not new to me:
Again he aimed and fired, the bullet splintering the gunwale of the canoe close by Baynes' face.
Once or twice its service was most effective, as when a fishing boat, with gunwale under water, rushed into the harbour, able, by the guidance of the sheltering light, to avoid the danger of dashing against the piers.
While Ned Land, clinging to the bows, belaboured the gigantic animal with blows from his harpoon, the creature's teeth were buried in the gunwale, and it lifted the whole thing out of the water, as a lion does a roebuck.
I crawled along the boat to them, intending to help Helmar by grasping the sailor's leg; but the sailor stumbled with the swaying of the boat, and the two fell upon the gunwale and rolled overboard together.
He made the raft as broad as a skilled shipwright makes the beam of a large vessel, and he fixed a deck on top of the ribs, and ran a gunwale all round it.
The canoe was nearly overturned, and a deluge of water came pouring over the gunwale.