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v. gur·gled, gur·gling, gur·gles
1. To flow in a broken irregular current with a bubbling sound: water gurgling from a bottle.
2. To make a sound similar to this: The baby gurgled with pleasure.
To express or pronounce with a broken, irregular, bubbling sound.

[From Middle English gurguling, a gurgling sound in the abdomen, from Medieval Latin *gurgulāre, to gurgle, from Latin gurguliō, gullet.]

gur′gle n.
gur′gling·ly adv.
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Emitting a murmuring sound felt to resemble a laugh:
References in classic literature ?
The crazy boy, seeing the food, began to make soft, gurgling noises and stroked his stomach.
She had heard of the anathema flung by Maule, the executed wizard, against Colonel Pyncheon and his posterity,--that God would give them blood to drink,--and likewise of the popular notion, that this miraculous blood might now and then be heard gurgling in their throats.
But being now interrupted, he put up the image; and pretty soon, going to the table, took up a large book there, and placing it on his lap began counting the pages with deliberate regularity; at every fiftieth page --as I fancied --stopping a moment, looking vacantly around him, and giving utterance to a long-drawn gurgling whistle of astonishment.
poor Tashtego --like the twin reciprocating bucket in a veritable well, dropped head-foremost down into this great Tun of Heidelburgh, and with a horrible oily gurgling, went clean out of sight
Whether flat on her stomach, or head down, heels in the air, the Simpson baby knew she was in the hands of an expert, and continued gurgling placidly while aunt Jane regarded the pantomime with a kind of dazed awe.
THE rainy night had ushered in a misty morning - half frost, half drizzle - and temporary brooks crossed our path - gurgling from the uplands.
The little one, accustomed to be left to itself for long hours without notice from its mother, squatted down on the sack, and spread its tiny hands towards the blaze, in perfect contentment, gurgling and making many inarticulate communications to the cheerful fire, like a new-hatched gosling beginning to find itself comfortable.
And at last the ship plunged right down to the bottom of the sea, making a dreadful gurgling sound; and the six bad men were left bobbing about in the deep water of the bay.
Kala Nag did not answer to the order by gurgling, as he usually did.
For a second or two she sat up, pointing at the wolf, and there was a strange and horrible gurgling in her throat.
Jacob, to whom this once indifferent brother had all at once become a sort of sweet-tasted fetish, stroked David's best coat with his adhesive fingers, and then hugged him with an accompaniment of that mingled chuckling and gurgling by which he was accustomed to express the milder passions.
It has stood perhaps by the clustering apple-blossoms, or in the broad sunshine by the cornfield, or at a turning by the wood where a clear brook was gurgling below; and surely, if there came a traveller to this world who knew nothing of the story of man's life upon it, this image of agony would seem to him strangely out of place in the midst of this joyous nature.