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n. pl. gur·nards or gurnard
1. See sea robin.

[Middle English, from Old French gornart, from gronir, to grunt (from its grunting when caught), from Latin grunnīre.]


(ˈɡɜːnəd) or


n, pl -nard, -nards, -net or -nets
(Animals) any European marine scorpaenoid fish of the family Triglidae, such as Trigla lucerna (tub or yellow gurnard), having a heavily armoured head and finger-like pectoral fins
[C14: from Old French gornard grunter, from grognier to grunt, from Latin grunnīre]


(ˈgɜr nərd)

n., pl. (esp. collectively) -nard, (esp. for kinds or species) -nards.
1. any marine fish of the family Triglidae, having an armored, spiny head and the pectoral fins modified for crawling on the sea bottom.
[1275–1325; Middle English < Old French gornard probably literally, grunter « Latin grunnīre to grunt]
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Noun1.gurnard - bottom-dwelling coastal fishes with spiny armored heads and fingerlike pectoral fins used for crawling along the sea bottomgurnard - bottom-dwelling coastal fishes with spiny armored heads and fingerlike pectoral fins used for crawling along the sea bottom
scorpaenoid, scorpaenoid fish - fishes having the head armored with bony plates
family Triglidae, Triglidae - in some classifications restricted to the gurnards and subdivided into the subfamilies Triglinae (true sea robins) and Peristediinae (armored sea robins)
sea robin, searobin - American gurnard; mostly found in bays and estuaries


[ˈgɜːnəd] n (Zool) → cappone m
grey gurnard → triglia grigia
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For example, as well as traditional cod and haddock, Colmans offers plaice, lemon sole, gurnard, hake, pollock or whiting with your chips.
With a theme of selling sustainable fish alternatives to cod, such as gurnard, local eatery The One Elm had a pop-up pub on the opposite side of the Avon to the RSC.
Meanwhile, M&J said it had seen a 62% increase in volume sales of gurnard, after Hugh's Fish Fight aired in January.
Gurnard were found to have a wide vocal repertoire, and maintained a constant chatter.
In addition to the new 6-foot-long zebra sharks and cownose rays, many more creatures have been added throughout the Aquarium including chocolate chip sea stars, blue linkia sea stars, African general stars, sea apples, flying gurnard and juvenile Port Jackson sharks.
Skipper Ronnie Campbell found fish in 180 feet of water in Loch Etive, and Stevie boated 185 whiting and gurnard for 555 points - 334 ahead of Andy Blain, and 426 clear of the third-placed Dougie Weir.
One of the properties featured is Gurnard Pines Holiday Village, a selatering park near Cowes set in 55 acres of gently sloping grass and woodlands.
Not forgetting gurnard, mackerel, herring and pollack.
Ian Jones, from Porth, finished third with a red gurnard weighing 0.
Specialising in British seafood, caught largely around the Cornish coast, expect the likes of lobster risotto with orange and basil, turbot with crispy oysters, cabbage and bacon, and gurnard and cuttlefish with red pepper and ink sauce.
But red gurnard, a favourite among those encouraging consumers to avoid the "big five" species - cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns - fared less well because of insufficient knowledge about the stock and lack of management.
Hampshire Police said a search for his body and other evidence at an address in Marsh Road, Gurnard, finished yesterday with no evidence or human remains being found.