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Adj.1.gusseted - provided or reinforced with gussets
ungusseted - not having gussets
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Valve Gusseted PP bags for packing 25 kgs Rapid Wall Plaster.
The reusable zipper for multiple uses that can also produce three sided and four sided seal pouches as well as single gusseted stand-up pouches with or without bottom seals.
This is the first two lane continuous motion machine that can produce pillow, gusseted as well as block bottom bags.
Spout pouches are rotogravure printed flexible pouches with gusseted sides or bottoms and a recloseable fitment, which are especially ideal for single-serve juice beverages and other viscous markets, such as cosmetics, health and beauty products, as well as industrial and medical products.
Other features include extended triple-cylinder stroke and auto hydraulic dog plate that increases boring efficiency and speed, E-Z glide fast carriage return, and heavy-duty gusseted track.
The new AquaFlexCan starts with the same tall, gusseted tube, which is filled in a Rovema form-fill-seal machine.
The zip pouch has a gusseted bottom small enough to fit in a car cup holder, yet strong enough to stay upright to prevent spills.
The 9500SL, which is a modified version of Pacmac's proven Model 9500, applies Zip-Pak's UltraSlide zipper material in the machine direction to produce a three-sided seal bag with resealable slider zipper, with or without a gusseted bottom.
Pacific Bag recently introduced its Limited Edition 12 to 16-oz Matte Brushed Finish Foil Gusseted Bags.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Unlaminated Circular Woven Pp Gusseted / Non Gusseted Sacks For Packing 50 Kg Cement
Resealable bags keep products clean and free from moisture; gusseted poly bags have expandable sides and fitted bottoms; or anti-static poly bags can protect electronic components from static build up.
Atlanta-Whether they're touted for fashion or function, gusseted pillows have become a small but stable part of the basic bedding scene.