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tr.v. gus·sied, gus·sy·ing, gus·sies Slang
To dress or decorate elaborately; adorn or embellish: gussied herself up in sequins and feathers.

[Perhaps from Australian slang gussie, an effeminate man, from Gussie, diminutive of the personal name Augustus.]
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Julian, a guest at her South of France house, said: "She was gussied up in hat, scarf and sunglasses.
Julian explained: "She was on one of those inflatable armchairs, all gussied up in hat, scarf and sunglasses.
He said: "She was in the pool on one of those inflatable armchairs, all gussied up in hat, scarf and sunglasses.
Roy Avila, executive chef of YachtSea Grille in Bradenton, shares his personal recipe for guaca-mole--though he admits it's gussied up a bit from traditional guac: "'Authentic' [guacamole] is a lot simpler," he says.
Gals who want to get all gussied up for proms, weddings, and galas know just where to shop this summer.
A playful riff on Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief, gussied up with split-screen gimmickry.
Owner Leslie Rudd has gussied up the place with an espresso and ice cream pick-up window, and kept the locally produced goodies like chocolates, honey, jams, and a rainbow of produce from the market's own farmer, Omar Morgan.
Call it 'creation science' or 'intelligent design' if you like, but it's still the same old fundamentalist Christian doctrine gussied up as science to try to slip it into biology classrooms.
It's not uncommon for the royals to be gussied up, but here's a recap of their outfits from the Diamond Jubilee in photos.
Looking through old mugshots and crime scenes, Bennett and his partners Felix Chan and Arran Russell were impressed by how gussied up the guys looked.
Then it's dressed and gussied up like it's headed for the zombie town fair, so the mourners can file past to pray and secretly gape while making the sign of the cross.
Perhaps it's a Welsh man thing, this desire not to dress a proposal up in hearts and flowers, like wanting your lamb shoulder joint roasted plain and simple, not gussied up with garlic and rosemary and goodness knows whatever else Continental nonsense.