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tr.v. gus·sied, gus·sy·ing, gus·sies Slang
To dress or decorate elaborately; adorn or embellish: gussied herself up in sequins and feathers.

[Perhaps from Australian slang gussie, an effeminate man, from Gussie, diminutive of the personal name Augustus.]


(ˈgʌs i)

v. -sied, -sy•ing. Informal. v.t.
1. to adorn or decorate in a gimmicky, showy manner (usu. fol. by up): to gussy up a room with mirrors and lights.
2. to dress in one's best clothes (usu. fol. by up).
[1950–55; of obscure orig.]
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Gussy points out that "highlights of this exciting visit" will include dates at the Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick, and even more sensationally Luca's Ice Cream factory in Musselburgh.
The film, scheduled for release next year, will also feature the voices of Steve Buscemi, as Templeton the rat, Oprah Winfrey and Cedric The Entertainer as Gussy and Golly the geese, Outkast's Andre 3000 as one of the crows, Elwyn, and Sideways actor Thomas Haden Church as the other, Brooks.
And taking over would have been disloyal, because Angus - or Gussy as I like to call him - is a very good friend.
Painting is invoked by Beecroft and her apologists to gussy up what is really lame performance, which succeeds because it's one night only, so most people never see it.
POOLE has been fined pounds 900 over the circumstances that led the wrong dog, Caloona Raider, mistakenly to race as Gussy Black in the opener at the track on December 23.
WHICH takes me nicely on to a development in The Scurra scoop about "Gorgeous" Gussy Moran's knickers that she's selling on the online auction house eBay.
Dunlop saddled Alabaq to win the Pretty Polly in 1999, while fellow veteran trainer Clive Brittain, who is represented by Saabiq, saddled Gussy Marlowe to score in 1991 and Musetta in 1995.
THE Scurra has penetrated the circle of friends who are helping former tennis player "Glamorous/Gorgeous" Gussy Moran, 81, sell her knickers.
Among the easiest ways to gussy up a home: ``paint, paint, and more paint,'' said Dina Morgan, department chair for interior design at The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles.
CHIT-CHAT at Wimbledon yesterday focused on former tennis sensation Gussy Moran - the first player to flaunt "shocking" underwear - who is having to sell her famous, frilly knickers to make ends meet.
You can gussy them up and make them incredibly sophisticated.