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tr.v. gus·sied, gus·sy·ing, gus·sies Slang
To dress or decorate elaborately; adorn or embellish: gussied herself up in sequins and feathers.

[Perhaps from Australian slang gussie, an effeminate man, from Gussie, diminutive of the personal name Augustus.]


(ˈgʌs i)

v. -sied, -sy•ing. Informal. v.t.
1. to adorn or decorate in a gimmicky, showy manner (usu. fol. by up): to gussy up a room with mirrors and lights.
2. to dress in one's best clothes (usu. fol. by up).
[1950–55; of obscure orig.]
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1, and with it comes a couple of security patches, plus 184 new emoji (including a middle finger) for gussying up your messages.
Don't overlook the possibility of gussying up supermarket ingredients to save time and effort.
An awkward recess was strung with horizontal rows of red lights, and the piece looked like in-home Christmas-tree decor, gussying up the walls without altering their geometry.
Investors, gussying up for Oscar night with wallets lightened by a dismal stock market, might well wonder if that gold best picture statuette has a Midas touch for the winner's share price.
Whenever they make their choices, Jordana, Marybel and Jazmin will be doing their part toward the $3 billion a year spent by girls or their parents on gussying up for the big school dance.
When serving it to Mom, we'd advise gussying up slices with fresh raspberries and freshly whipped cream.
CSUN paid $205,000 for the privilege of hosting the tournament as league champion and is gussying up its tiny and dated 1,600-seat Matadome.
I liked Activision's latest gussying up of a long-time shareware fave with ``Shanghai Second Dynasty'' for the PC.
A Honey Mustard Dressing is another possibility for gussying up greens or veggie or chicken salads.