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 (gŭs′tə-tôr′ē) also gus·ta·tive (-tə-tĭv)
Of or relating to the sense of taste.

gus′ta·to′ri·ly adv.
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Adj.1.gustative - of or relating to gustation
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As for Jacob, he had thrust his pitchfork into the ground, and had thrown himself down beside it, in thorough abandonment to the unprecedented pleasure of having five lozenges in his mouth at once, blinking meanwhile, and making inarticulate sounds of gustative content.
Le prix est le principal obstacle a l'ecoulement de la production de miel, trop eleve pour le plus grand nombre qui consomment le miel plus pour ses qualites medicamenteuses que pour sa valeur gustative et gastronomique.
EN 71-13: Olfactory board games, cosmetic kits and gustative games
Apres cet Examen GustatifA, des notes de satisfactions globales ont ete attribuees et ont determine que ces produits meritent d'arborer le signe de distinction gustative [beaucoup moins que]Approuve Saveur de l'Annee 2017 [beaucoup plus grand que].
En ce sens, les Noirs produisent une <<emotion sonore>> (Lorcy 2012) particuliere dependant d'une satisfaction sensorielle globale: auditive et aussi olfactive, gustative, tactile et visuelle, l'ensemble etant traduit en termes thermiques (chaleur) et affectifs (joie).
In France, the edible sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus has been harvested for decades for its highly valuable gustative roe, which has resulted in a dramatic demographic erosion of wild populations.
Caracteristicas experimentales y neurobiologia de la inhibicion latente en el paradigma de aprendizaje aversivo gustativo [Experimental characteristics and neurobiology of latent inhibition in an aversive gustative learning paradigm] Psicologica, 27, 169-194.
Bursitis pain is varied: earache, otic fullness, dys- phagia, odynophagia, gustative hyperesthesia, hamular and soft palate pain, sore throat, jaw pain, toothache, burning and pricking dysaesthesias, retroorbital pain, headaches and hypoesthesia.
Les objectifs assignes a cette conference consistent a promouvoir les viandes de volailles et a sensibiliser le consommateur a leur excellente qualite intrinseque (qualite sanitaire, gustative, nutritive et dietetique).
Temporal lobe epilepsy caused by head trauma in childhood, when he had seizures and demodulation on electroencephalography, sudden onset of gustative and olfactive hallucinations.