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adj. gust·i·er, gust·i·est
1. Blowing in or marked by gusts: a gusty storm.
2. High-flown, wordy, or overwrought: gusty rhetoric.

gust′i·ly adv.
gust′i·ness n.
بِصورَة عاصِفَه
med pludselige stød
meî hviîum/hryîjum
ara sıra şiddetlenerek


advböig, stürmisch


(gast) noun
a sudden blast (of wind). gusts of wind of up to eighty kilometres an hour.
ˈgusty adjective
a gusty day.
ˈgustily adverb
ˈgustiness noun
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The flickering light was blinding and confusing, and a thin hail smote gustily at my face as I drove down the slope.
Finally, he made a start at the teapot, gustily rattled a quantity of tea into it from a canister, and set off for the common kitchen to fill it with hot water.
The WRENs gustily sang along and danced while some in the crowd were moved to tears.
Snow fell indoors and the film's signature tune Let It Go was sung gustily back at the ice by parents and children alike.
Passengers waiting for trains here needed to wrap up warm as the wind blew gustily in from the River Mersey.