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Noun1.gym mat - sports equipment consisting of a piece of thick padding on the floor for gymnastic sportsgym mat - sports equipment consisting of a piece of thick padding on the floor for gymnastic sports
canvas, canvass - the mat that forms the floor of the ring in which boxers or professional wrestlers compete; "the boxer picked himself up off the canvas"
sports equipment - equipment needed to participate in a particular sport
wrestling mat - a mat on which wrestling matches are conducted
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Were it overdone it would have been like chewing a gym mat, but it was so tender there was no effort to it at all.
Billed as Strictly Come Dancing on a gym mat instead of a dance floor, it's an odd idea for a show.
When she met some youngsters playing judo she kicked off the wedges, stepped on to a blue gym mat to start a match and with a chopping motion said "Hajime", the Japanese word that traditionally kicks off a bout.
The money was used to buy an activity gym mat and maths games for pupils at the school.
One wealthy trainer who couldn't get a charter plane home spent the night on a gym mat in a community centre - along with scores of others.
She spent most of the show holding her knees with her arms as she sat on a hard gym mat, smiling thinly and occasionally chatting to the two women sitting on either side of her.
The humble gym mat put 11,210 in hospital, 117 people were injured by cricket stumps and 605 came a cropper in a goal net.
John Kelly, the prison PE instructor, admitted Marshall had jumped to head the ball and fallen awkwardly but claimed the incident was near to the centre of the pitch and nowhere near the 6ft x 4ft gym mat.
Bench Press with Rack, Double Twister, Gym Mat to Physical Education Lab and Electronics lab
But she was in too much pain to pull a gym mat over the terrified youngsters relying on her to save them from death.
Hallway water fountain spigot - 61,330 bacteria & mold (per square inch) * Basketball - 8,126 bacteria & mold (per square inch) * Water fountain hand pad - 5,689 bacteria & mold (per square inch) * Music recorder - 204 bacteria & mold (per square inch) * Keyboard - 257 bacteria & mold (per square inch) * Gym mat - 131 bacteria & mold (per square inch) * Toilet seat - 38 bacteria & mold (per square inch)