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 (gī-năn′drə-môrf′, jĭ-)
An organism having both male and female characteristics, especially an insect exhibiting a mixture of male and female tissues or sex organs.

gy·nan′dro·mor′phic adj.
gy·nan′dro·mor′phism, gy·nan′dro·mor′phy n.


the condition of having one half of the body male and the other half female, as certain insects. — gynandromorph, n. — gynandromorphous, adj.
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Among birds, forms can have the plumage of one sex on one side of the body and that of the other sex on the other side, a phenomenon termed bilateral gynandromorphism (Laybourne 1967).
Note on gynandromorphism in the eucalyptus defoliator Thyrinteina arnobia (Stoll, 1782) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae).
The references to sexual malformations are restricted to 5 reports, involving hermaphroditism (with male and female genitalia), gynandromorphism (with both sexes discretely combined) and intersexualism (where the entire body is intermediate between sexes).