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 (gī′nĭ-koid′, jĭn′ĭ-)
Characteristic of a woman.


(ˈgaɪ nɪˌkɔɪd, ˈdʒɪn ɪ-)

of or like a woman.
[1905–10; < Greek gynaik-, s. of gynḗ woman + -oid]
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Twelve before-and-after observations of twelve gynecoid, overweight (BMI > 25) females using new generation Cellu M6[sup.
0 Body fat distribution None specially Gynecoid Smoke habit No No Alcohol consumption No Yes Related comorbidity High cholesterol Hypertension Hypertension Osteopenia Osteopenia Phenotypic Features 410 477 Age, y 49 45 Age at menarche, y 12 13 Age of menopause, y 44 35 Cause of menopause Natural Endometriosis Reproductive period, y (a) 32 22 Pregnancies/miscarriages/ 4/0/0/4 0/0/0/0 preterm/live births Body mass index 24.
An outlet forceps procedure performed for maternal exhaustion in a multipara on an average-sized fetus in an adequate, gynecoid pelvis would fall somewhere closer to certainty than would a low forceps delivery for arrest of descent in an occiput transverse position in a primigravida with an android pelvis.