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 (gī′nĭ-kŏl′ə-jē, jĭn′ĭ-)
The branch of medicine dealing with health care for women, especially the diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting the female reproductive system.

gy′ne·co·log′i·cal (-kə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl), gy′ne·co·log′ic adj.
gy′ne·col′o·gist n.


(ˌgaɪ nɪˈkɒl ə dʒɪst, ˌdʒɪn ɪ-)

a physician specializing in gynecology. Abbr.: GYN, gyn


a physician who specializes in the care, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the female reproductive system.
See also: Medical Specialties


Specialist in conditions and diseases of the female body, particularly the reproductive system.
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Noun1.gynecologist - a specialist in gynecologygynecologist - a specialist in gynecology    
medical specialist, specialist - practices one branch of medicine
부인과 의사
bác sĩ phụ khoa


طَبيب أَمْراض النِساء gynekolog gynækolog Gynäkologe γυναικολόγος ginecólogo gynekologi gynécologue ginekolog ginecologo 婦人科医 부인과 의사 gynaecoloog gynekolog ginekolog ginecologista гинеколог gynekolog สูตินรีแพทย์ jinekolog bác sĩ phụ khoa 妇科学家


n. ginecólogo-a, especialista en ginecología.


n ginecólogo -ga mf, médico -ca mf cirujano especializado en el aparato reproductor femenino y sus enfermedades
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Four years ago, the gynecologist was referred to the authority for investigation into several medical errors.
HAFIZABAD -- Local Housewives Associations called upon the provincial health minister to immediately appoint lady medical officers and gynecologists in DHQ Hospital Hafizabad and other hospitals in the district.
Tahlak also stressed the importance of getting regular physical exams with a gynecologist, which can catch other major problems.
Among women screened through this program, 20 percent listed their gynecologist as their only primary care physician.
The boy is in a healthy condition despite having to initially be given oxygen to overcome breathing problems, the gynecologist said.
The Iranian man, however, denied taking the woman to the gynecologist and claimed a third person did that.
The reports claim that the gynecologist spoke to other doctors on duty, telling that they should give the woman an injection before releasing her.
Two unnamed gynecologists at two hospitals have offered to perform publicly funded abortions, after the New Brunswick's last publicly funded abortion clinic closes on July 1st.
Nearly eight out of 10 ob-gyns have been sued at least once, according to a recent survey by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Conclusions: Our investigation demonstrated that women's preferences for a gynecologist were divided equally between preferring a male, a female, and having no preference.
In the Finnish research, gynecologist Ritva Hurskainen of Helsinki University Hospital and her team randomly assigned 115 women to get a hysterectomy and 117 others to receive an intrauterine device that discharged the hormone-based drug levonorgestrel directly to the uterus.
Thus, a knowledgeable, interested internist might be a better choice than an uninterested gynecologist.