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 (gī′nə-fō′bē-ə, jĭn′ə-)
Variant of gynophobia..

gynephobia, gynophobia

an abnormal fear or hatred of women. — gynephobe, n.
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n. ginefobia, miedo, fobia o aversión a las mujeres.
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She writes: "While Eliot's gynephobia and misogyny are painfully evident in both his poetry and prose-his essay on Hamlet is particularly revealing-his own identification with a virgin 'femininity' or sexless maternity is not as obvious" (Eliot's Civilized Savage 58).
6 (1978): 27-37; and Adrienne Rich, "Disloyal to Civilization: Feminism, Racism, Gynephobia," Chrysalis, no.
He suggests that the courtiers demonstrate a sort of "gynephobia," a term that he defines as a fear which may be divided into a gynephobia of gender and a gynephobia of sex.
For some, hell really is other people: androphobia, fear of men; gynephobia, fear of women; and xenophobia, fear of strangers or foreigners.