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 (gī′nə-fō′bē-ə, jĭn′ə-)
Variant of gynophobia..

gynephobia, gynophobia

an abnormal fear or hatred of women. — gynephobe, n.
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n. ginefobia, miedo, fobia o aversión a las mujeres.
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If, in the post-queer critical climate, this statement reads as virulently separatist, it should be pointed out that its initial occasion was a speech given at a protest against the 1977 antihomosexual campaign whose figurehead was a woman, Anita Bryant; Rich, while lending her influential voice to the anti-Bryant cause, was also appalled by what she claims was the gynephobic and misogynistic tone of much of the protest coming from gay male quarters (223), and sought to sound a warning against the ways in which an alignment of lesbians with gay male culture might subject them to the same old oppressions.
It is the correlation between gynephobic anxiety and representation anxiety that Berger shows as motivation for the courtiers' attempts to construct gender norms and control their performance.
The "Kiss My Ice Pick" strategy was adopted by other feminists and gay activists as an attempt to throw gynephobic stereotypes back in men's faces (reverse discourse, or dismantling the master's house with the master's tools).