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or gyn-
1. Woman: gynarchy.
2. Female reproductive organ; pistil: gynophore.

[From Greek gunē, woman; see gwen- in Indo-European roots.]


or before a vowel


combining form
1. (Biology) relating to women; female: gynarchy.
2. (Biology) denoting a female reproductive organ: gynophore.
[from Greek, from gunē woman]


a combining form meaning “woman,” “female”: gynecology.
Also, gyno-; esp. before a vowel, gynec-; esp. Brit., gynaeco-.
[< Greek, comb. form representing gynḗ, s. gynaik- woman]
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There are a couple of amusing sketches in this kinetic soup: A family dines upon ``American Beauty Happy Meals,'' with depressing action figures and lurid puzzles, and a gay rapper named Feminem razzes gyno- and homophobe Eminem in a video, aping the latter's song: ``Will the real Eminem please shut up.