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 (gyō′zə, gyô′zä′)
A pocket of dough that is stuffed, as with minced pork or shrimp, and fried, steamed, or boiled.

[Japanese gyōza, from Mandarin jiǎozi : jiǎo, stuffed dumpling (from earlier jiǎo, horn (in reference to its shape), from Middle Chinese kja⋮wk) + -zi, n. suff. (from Middle Chinese tsẓ´, son, child, ultimately from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *tsa; akin to Tibetan tsha, grandchild).]


(Cookery) a Japanese fried dumpling
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For fine dining, Menda recommends La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie's tomato and mozzarella tortelli; the spinach, chestnut and date gyoza at Zuma; and the Italian beef tomato with burrata (a super-creamy mozzarella-style cheese) at Marina Social.
She says families don't need to eat Japanese food at all if they don't want to, although the book contains 33 tasty Japanese recipes, including baked Japanese sweet potato sticks, and vegetable Gyoza dumplings, if they do.
Witness the world's smallest Gyoza making machine that folds 1,500 pieces of Gyoza in an hour and the world's smallest Nigiri Sushi machine that rolls about 1,200 pieces of sushi per hour.
Then try Chicken Siew Mai, Vegetable Gyoza and Prawn Hakao - the three stylized dumplings that make up their Dim Sum station replete with six different sauces.
10, peppers 90p, chicken katsu curry PS5, 2 x chicken gyoza PS5, 2 x duck spring rolls PS5, prawn tempura PS2.
This past year the classes included onigiri (rice ball), temari sushi (round sushi ball), miso paste, pancakes, ramen salad, hand roll sushi, tofu salad, character bento, wagyu beef rice burger, kazari sushi (flower sushi roll), okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes), and gyoza (fried dumplings).
plans to increase sales of Gyoza (pot stickers), noodle and rice products, that are specialties to the company, in U.
50), hot and sour seafood soup ($6), and two other appetizers: gyoza -- yummy pan-fried small pork dumplings ($5) -- and yakitori ($5) -- grilled chicken and scallions on a stick with a brown, semi-sweet glaze.
You can choose from steamed, baked, fried dimsums or even the gyoza variety.
Traditionally, a ramen meal might start with gyoza and a beer.
DaRuMa obento-sashimi, gyoza, filer mignon teriyaki and shrimp tempura