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Containing gypsum.


(dʒɪpˈsɪf ər əs)

containing gypsum.
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The soil of Cholistan desert is mostly alkaline, saline, and gypsiferous composed of schists, gneiss, granites, and slates (Arshad et al.
The basin fill sedimentary sequence is comprised of sandstones, conglomerates, siltstone and gypsiferous clays deposited in varying time and space and different environmental conditions.
It can be found in a gypsiferous and calcareous gravelly deserts soil and the fruiting bodies appears from January to April in Kuwait (8), while in Saudi Arabia appears from November to March (9), these periods is directly related to climatic conditions.
Still, the most worrying thing might be that this terminological tangle has also helped to hide the existing and persisting difficulties in the definition of what gypsophily is, or in more precise words, which the real reason is behind the restriction of some plants to gypsiferous soils or the underlying mechanism involved in gypsum tolerance.
Other Pleistocene gypsiferous deposits were recorded by Williams (1999) in various offshore wells such as at Umm Shaif oilfield and the Zakum oilfield, which he, in contrast, interpreted as peritidal / sabkha in origin.
This area mainly consists of Eocene basaltic-andesite to andesitic volcanic rocks with tuff and other pyroclastic rocks with minor intercalated sedimentary lenses such as shale, gypsiferous marl, and shallow depth limestone (Aftabi and Atapour, 2000).
Gypsiferous outcrops in SE Spain, refuges of rare, vulnerable and endangered bryophytes and lichens.
Precambrian###Salt Range Formation###Red gypsiferous marl with rock salt, gypsum dolomite above
This formation consists of blue-grey shale, occasionally gypsiferous, with intercalation of limestone horizons.