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intr.v. gy·rat·ed, gy·rat·ing, gy·rates
1. To revolve around a fixed point or axis.
2. To move in a spiral or spirallike course. See Synonyms at turn.
3. To oscillate or vary, especially in a repetitious pattern: Stock prices gyrated around last week's high.
adj. Biology
In rings; coiled or convoluted.

[Late Latin gȳrāre, gȳrāt-, from Latin gȳrus, circle; see gyre.]

gy′ra′tor n.


(Electrical Engineering) an electronic circuit that inverts the impedance
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12] proposed a different approach to embed encrypted red-green-blue (RGB) watermark images using the double random phase encoding technique (DRPE) in the quaternion gyrator transform (QGT) domain [13].
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Flexible Coupling And Coupling Bolt Gyrator Crusher Of Chp At Amlohri Project.
James Vince soon followed when Pringle clipped the top of his off stump with a big gyrator.
Superpave gives the exact result to simulate the field compaction by using Gyrator Compactor (SGC).
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Oil-lubricated gyrator results in quiet operation and long service life.
An advantage of bond graph method over other techniques is that models of various systems belonging to different domains can be expressed using a set of only nine elements: inertial elements (I), capacitive elements (C), resistive elements (R), effort sources (Se) and flow sources (Sf), transformer elements (TF) and gyrator elements (GY), effort junctions (J0), and flow junctions (J1).
The Coffield Gyrator was built in Hamilton, Ontario, by Coffield Washer Co.
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It is made up by: voltage-to-current (V-I) converter, active resistor, capacitor, equivalent inductance: gyrator + capacitor.
The gratingly-voiced dancehall gyrator sounds like he's out to shake and wiggle some booty with this one.
After the supercritical solution is obtained in the extraction column, it is sent to the entrance of supercritical solution, and is swirled by the exterior gyrator.