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Of, relating to, or resulting from the magnetic properties of an electrically charged particle or substance that is spinning.


(General Physics) of or caused by magnetic properties resulting from the spin of a charged particle, such as an electron


(ˌdʒaɪ roʊ mægˈnɛt ɪk)

of or pertaining to the magnetic properties of a rotating charged particle.
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where [omega]L = e/m[gamma] H is the frequency of Larmor precession, g is gyromagnetic ratio, and [gamma] = (1 - [[beta].
gamma] is the gyromagnetic ratio of the proton, a known value from quantum mechanics of 2.
0] represents the baseline signal intensity and b represents the diffusion sensitivity factor, which depends on the gyromagnetic ratio, the magnitude and width of the diffusion-weighted gradient pulses, and the time between the 2 diffusion-weighted gradient pulses.
Based on our Cranked shell model calculations and a systematic comparison with neighboring nuclei, possible intrinsic configurations were suggested for the High-K bands and have been confirmed from gyromagnetic ratios measurement.
reviewing experiments on gyromagnetic effects and the production of
Hu S, Appel E, Hoffmann V, Schmahl WW, Wang S (1998) Gyromagnetic remanence acquired by greigite ([Fe.
Examination of the properties and adjustments of the 3-port junction circulator and focus on the gyromagnetic resonator
where [gamma] is the gyromagnetic ratio of a proton (2.
eff] = effective precessional frequency [gamma] = gyromagnetic ratio for a specific nuclear species [B.
Here [Gamma] is the gyromagnetic ratio, g is the gradient amplitude, and [Delta] is the gradient duration.
In its simplest form, it consists of a microwave planar gyromagnetic resonator symmetrically coupled by three transmission lines.