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 (jī′rən, -rän′)
n. Heraldry
An ordinary in the form of a triangle issuing from the edge of the escutcheon and coming to a vertex at the fess point.

[Early Modern English, from Middle French giron, from Old French gerun, the part of a garment that hangs down (as in a pointed shape), tail or trimming of a garment, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German gēro and Middle Dutch ghere, tail of a garment cut in a pointed shape.]


(Heraldry) a variant spelling of giron


(ˈdʒaɪ rən, -rɒn)

a triangular heraldic charge with one side at the edge of the field and the apex at the fess point.
[1565–75; < Middle French giron gusset < Frankish; compare Old High German gēro gore3]
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