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The televiewer collects gyroscopically oriented high resolution imagery down the drill hole for the collection of in situ structural data.
Initially assisting the war effort designing gyroscopically stabilized gun-mounts, he then joined the Navy, and was posted to heavily bombarded Bremen as a Lieutenant JG in naval counter-intelligence.
The vessel would be gyroscopically stabilized and have up to a 4,000-pound payload.
A fraction of a second after dropping from the balloon, and a few feet below it, four small rocket motors will fire to spin up and gyroscopically stabilize the saucer.
The structure, formed from a shell of 12mm thick, sustainable sourced wood, will spur on the gyroscopically stabilised varmints with a medley of hits from Fleet Foxes.
The projectile's spin acts gyroscopically to stabilize it, enhancing its aerodynamic qualities and accuracy.