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 (hā′pə-nē, hāp′nē)
n. pl. ha'pen·nies Chiefly British
A halfpenny.

[Alteration of halfpenny.]


n, pl -nies
(Currencies) Brit a variant spelling of halfpenny
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Noun1.ha'penny - an English coin worth half a pennyha'penny - an English coin worth half a penny  
coin - a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money
References in classic literature ?
I think there has not been so much on a cricket match since the day when Sir Horace Mann walked about Broad Ha'penny agitatedly cutting down the daisies with his stick.
Would you care a ha'penny for the Lord Chancellor if you know'd him in private and without his wig?
Good Quince was an honest fellow, but his wits were somewhat of the heavy sort, like unbaked dough, so that the only thing that was in his mind was, "Three shillings sixpence ha'penny for thy shoon, good Quince--three shillings sixpence ha'penny for thy shoon," and this traveled round and round inside of his head, without another thought getting into his noddle, as a pea rolls round and round inside an empty quart pot.
Give ye good den, fair sir, and I would say that I come from Kirk Langly, where I ha' sold my shoon and got three shillings sixpence ha'penny for them in as sweet money as ever thou sawest, and honestly earned too, I would ha' thee know.
She gave the beggars five fathoms of calico for the big mainsail, two sticks of tobacco for the chronometer, and a sheath-knife worth elevenpence ha'penny for a hundred fathoms of brand new five-inch manila.
Fifteen hundred and twenty-seven pound, four and ninepence ha'penny,' replied Mr Scaley, without moving a limb.
It's twenty-four pound, sixteen, and sevenpence ha'penny," observed the stranger.
We had to stand outside because, with only a ha'penny we could not get in.
Tiggy, tiggy on high, stick in the mud, hitchy dobber (hopscotch to some), stot the ha'penny, dodgeball, marbles, knocky nine doors and conkers.
The 44-year-old had sued the BMW driver Quentin Hannezo, of Ha'penny Bridge House, Lower Ormond Quay, and Transdev Dublin Light rail Ltd, trading as Luas, over the accident.
I understand Jimmy Greaves getting a goal bonus when scoring 40 or 50 goals a season and paid thruppence ha'penny, but I never had one and, if I didn't, then neither should Zlatan.
Or, disdainfully, "I wouldn't give you a ha'penny for that.