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In the morning of life they are rapt by intoxicating visions of some great haberdashery business, beckoned to by the voluptuous enticements of the legal profession, or maybe the Holy Grail they forswear all else to seek is a snug editorial chair.
I am comfortably off, monsieur, that's all; I have scraped together some such thing as an income of two or three thousand crown in the haberdashery business, but more particularly in venturing some funds in the last voyage of the celebrated navigator Jean Moquet; so that you understand, monsieur--But" cried the citizen.
His name was Bell and he was serving his time for nothing in the haberdashery.
His companion on these occasions was Bell, the lad in the haberdashery, who stayed in often to arrange the stamps he collected.
With a pendulum-like swoop through the crowd, that sent people flying right and left the grapnel came to earth again, tried for and missed a stout gentleman in a blue suit and a straw hat, smacked away a trestle from under a stall of haberdashery, made a cyclist soldier in knickerbockers leap like a chamois, and secured itself uncertainly among the hind-legs of a sheep--which made convulsive, ungenerous efforts to free itself, and was dragged into a position of rest against a stone cross in the middle of the place.
The Kraft arts, crafts and haberdashery shop in Kings Road, North Ormesby is running the 'Kids Season's Greetings Kard Kompetition'.
Highlights include the Bryant group, developed from a 1930s haberdashery stand -- the floor lamp has a stepped ball base and telescoping turnkey stem, topped with Vellum paper shades; the Emma sconce in oval cased glass; the Mercer architectural lights in classic Deco box shape; and the signature Longacre lamp with stepped base, fashioned after a cocktail shaker from the '30s.
To many Los Angeles voters, the Valley may be Cosmo Kramer, Jerry Seinfeld's fictional pal, a bumbling, delusional neighbor in nightmarish haberdashery.
Darren Sacer, who has run a haberdashery store at the centre for 15 years, said: 'We are all absolutely gutted.
Jan Little's dog landed the odds in his heat in workmanlike style when accounting for Haberdashery, but it is fair to say that the time was a little disappointing as he was slowest of the three winners.
The contract is to provide textile haberdashery wagon in the form of covers for headboards and curtains.
My sister also worked as a Saturday girl at Woolworth's but she worked on the haberdashery counter - but that's her memory.