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v. ha·bil·i·tat·ed, ha·bil·i·tat·ing, ha·bil·i·tates
1. To clothe.
2. To fit out or equip (a mine) for operation.
3. Obsolete To impart an ability or capacity to.
To qualify oneself for a post or office.

[Medieval Latin habilitāre, habilitāt-, to enable, from Latin habilis, able; see habile.]

ha·bil′i·ta′tion n.
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For the things which we formerly have spoken of, are but habilitations towards arms; and what is habilitation without intention and act?
The Provider will require expertise in child development and habilitation skills required for successful implementation to the recognised vulnerable group of youngsters.
Special Citizens provides day services for people with Autism including: Day habilitation, Pre-Vocation and Supported Employment.
Amman, May 6 (Petra) -- Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, on Wednesday, visited the Orient Spirit Development Organization, a vocational training center dedicated to the habilitation and training of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and learning difficulties, in Amman, and met with a number of their students.
Nashoba Nursing Service and Hospice administrator Karen Bernhardt said the agency has received a grant that will allow the agency to expand its Alzheimer's Habilitation program, beginning this month.
The staff celebrate the patients' habilitation and behavior modification.
28,408 RSF was rented to United Cerebral Palsy for an adult day habilitation program on the ground floor of 5030 Broadway.
Il a, egalement vise de preparer de programme de l'entraEnement et habilitation de police et a dirige le ministere et le Comite de l'Aide Humanitaire et la Chambre de Zakat et pour aider les personnes deplacees a l'etat.
The Ministry of Interior discussed a plan for Emiratisation and habilitation of the educational and training cadres, and the project of developing the training process at the ministry.
According to Al-Baker the site habilitation and foundation setting is done, and it will be about three years until project completion, upon which the mall will extend for 57,605m 2 across three floors, two above ground.
Development of this sector warrants habilitation of manpower and continuing training of staff, called the conferees at conclusion of the meeting, late on Wednesday.
Jurga is also planning to get a habilitation degree at Lyon 1 Claude-Bernard University in France.