hack down

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w>hack down

vt sep bushes etcabhacken; people alsoniedermetzeln; treeumhauen
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that three males used a chain saw to hack down the Hupacasath welcoming sign by the Alberni Toyota on Highway 4.
Meanwhile, LinkedIn refused to buy Sell Hack's explanation and said that it was doing everything in its power to shut Sell Hack down.
RAIL chiefs are on a collision course with residents of south Birmingham and Solihull over plans to hack down trees and bushes beside the line at the back of their gardens.
ANGRY residents were shocked when workmen started to hack down two willow trees outside their homes without warning.
It's more than brawn to hack down trees really quick.
For some unknown reason, Gateshead council must has sent in someone to hack down some beautiful trees, some of which must have been between 60 and 80 years of age.
At this rate, it takes about three days to hack down foliage the size of a football pitch.