Nicked or notched; jagged.

[From hackle.]


adj, hacklier or hackliest
having a rough or serrated surface or edge


(ˈhæk li)

rough or jagged, as if hacked.
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Hackly distilled her European studies and her experiences at the University of Denver into an accessible instructional approach, quite appropriate for students of all levels.
5-5YR 6/8) with hackly to granular break; common to abundant, small to medium rounded, spherical, glassy, pale brown sand, rare medium angular, tabular white inclusions.
Medium hard, fired in layers reddish yellow (5YR 7/4) at core, pale yellow to light gray (5Y 7/2 to 8/2) inside and pale yellow (5Y 8/2) outside, hackly to laminar break; common, medium large, glassy, orange and white, rounded, spherical to platy inclusions and occasional large to very large, milky white, rounded spherical inclusions.
Medium hard, very pale brown fabric (5YR 7/6) with hackly to conchoidal break, reddish yellow (5YR 7/6) flashes outside; abundant, medium, white to orange, glassy, subrounded to rounded, tabular to spherical inclusions.
5YR 6/6) at surface, smooth to hackly break; sparse medium to very large flecks of gold mica and occasional milky white and creamy yellow inclusions.
The gold grains are hackly and contain quartz and, are consistent with having been derived from nearby quartz vein sources.
5 cm long by 4 mm wide in a sub-radial habit with a hackly to poor cleavage.
5 cm long by 4 mm wide arranged in a sub-radial habit, with a hackly to poor planar fracture or cleavage.
The grains are irregularly shaped and hackly and do not show evidence of rounding.
The chalcopyrite has a hackly surface and a dull luster, and is often coated with iridescent bornite.
I will stipulate that there were many great gold specimens, in ten or so other cases devoted to gold, which ranged through a gamut of sizes - all the way up to "The Whopper," a hackly mass with minor quartz about a foot and a half long.