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Contraction of had not.


contraction of
had not


(ˈhæd nt)
contraction of had not.
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Now Florence's mama hadn't a particle of taste, and Amy suffered deeply at having to wear a red instead of a blue bonnet, unbecoming gowns, and fussy aprons that did not fit.
She got to coming in there after there hadn't been anyone in the room for years," said Enoch Robinson.
But if you hadn't shot just when you did, Tom, it would have been all up with him," commented Ned.
He would have done a better job if I hadn't hurried him.
Well," agreed Mademoiselle Reisz, with a shrug, "rather pleasant, if it hadn't been for the mosquitoes and the Farival twins.
There were others," he went on, "who hadn't succumbed.
You told me you had been to Jadvyga's house that other night, and you hadn't.
If 't hadn't been for me, they might a bust themselves, all on 'em; but I cotched him
And think of the simple ways of this court: this wandering wench hadn't any more trouble to get access to the king in his palace than she would have had to get into the poorhouse in my day and country.
I done it out of pity for him -- because he hadn't any aunt.
And then he kind of wilted together, and looked like he wished he hadn't spoken so, and then he says, very gentle: "But you needn't say that, Billy; I was took sudden and irritable, and I ain't very well these days, and not hardly responsible.
I should never have got into that trouble if I'd been true to you--if I hadn't been a fool.