(ˈhæd nt)
contraction of had not.
References in classic literature ?
But he hadnt died and when he got back to town he went right to her house and walked in and there she was standing up to be married to the other fellow.
Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that it was out of question to attend the dinner since the party hadnt been invited.
I was very lucky dont want to think what would have happened if I hadnt got it off my neck.
Fox News contributor Monica Crowley argued that Muslims should be condemning the Charlie Hebdo attack, but said that she hadnt heard any condemnation.
Everyone else had gone on to these great jobs, and I hadnt even had an audition," he says.
they hadnt been pai She confessed a to repay the cas so far handed and is payin rest by stand She r i f McCartn her h o u w f Tom McCartney ordered to do 300 u r so f n paid work.
But the result was something that the brand hadnt expected.
However, adults at risk of these illnesses whod grown up with a loving mother were found to be in better health overall than others who hadnt been as close to their mums.
But at a joint press conference afterward, Clinton said there was no point in holding a peace conference in France if the parties themselves hadnt agreed to resume negotiations.
Youll waste the time that you should have been spending on your love life, and believe me, youll wish you hadnt when you see whats on offer.
Certainly, any one of our ancestors who had acted like the chief but hadnt earned the privilege would have incurred the wrath of his or her tribe, and hubris remains equally unattractive in contemporary society.
The familiar and heartening thumbing of the nose at authority and the refusal not to act merely because it hadnt been done before, were much in evidence at Hirwaun.