(ˈhæd nt)
contraction of had not.
References in classic literature ?
But he hadnt died and when he got back to town he went right to her house and walked in and there she was standing up to be married to the other fellow.
He emailed the airlines CEO several times saying he hadnt received the requested information and asked for recordings of two calls he had made, claiming call centre staff were rude to him.
Jonathan Andres, an attorney for the plaintiffs, said he hadnt yet read the opinion and declined to comment immediately.
Kavanagh said he hadnt seen the amendment but would be open to discussing the issue further with Clark.
Carter said he hadnt really thought about The Boardroom opening across the street.
So I am really glad that President Donald Trump has informed us that he is a "very stable genius," because if he hadnt told us, judging from his words and actions, we would have assumed he was an erratic dimwit.
It hadnt been occupied for about 17 years, Karlsson said.
And you can maybe bring up a solution they hadnt thought about.
Rather than become a nuisance contacting organisations and asking them to spend money they hadnt got, my fellow CloudQast director, Lindsey Mack, and I hit on the idea of writing poems.
when i saw pokemon go launched vs when I found out it hadnt launched in my country pic.
Mansoor alleged that different tactics were used to refuse his client a bail in a crime he hadnt committed.