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(ˌhiːməʊˈstætɪk; ˌhɛm-) or


1. (Medicine) retarding or stopping the flow of blood within the blood vessels
2. (Medicine) retarding or stopping bleeding
(Medicine) a drug or agent that retards or stops bleeding

hemostatic, haemostatic

a styptic agent or substance. — hemostatic, haemostatic, adj.
See also: Blood and Blood Vessels


[ˌhiːməʊˈstætɪk] adj (action, remedy) → antiemorragico/a
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Contract notice: Supply of surgical sutures and haemostatic for the operating and surgical wards regional hospital in elblag, along with conducting free training of health personnel in the proper use of haemostatic.
PBB's current subcutaneous form of FVIIa achieved up to 3 days of haemostatic cover providing the prospect of sustained prophylactic treatment for haemophilia A patients who suffer an immune response to FVIII meaning that FVIII is no longer a viable therapy for them.
It was supervised by master trainers from abroad who demonstrated the latest haemostatic techniques on live animals.