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hag 1

1. Offensive An old woman considered to be ugly or frightening.
a. A witch; a sorceress.
b. Obsolete A female demon.
3. A hagfish.

[Middle English hagge, perhaps short for Old English hægtesse, witch.]

hag′gish adj.
hag′gish·ly adv.
hag′gish·ness n.

hag 2

n. Chiefly British
1. A boggy area; a quagmire.
2. A spot in boggy land that is softer or more solid than the surrounding area.
3. A cutting in a peat bog.

[Middle English, gap, chasm, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse högg; see kau- in Indo-European roots.]


[ˈhægɪʃ] ADJcomo de bruja, brujeril


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Haggish s team's conclusions, the two most noled and quoted studies on cardiac arrest and running races were conducted by Bill Roberts in 1996 and 2005.
In the East where men were scarce it was different, but in Alberta, no matter how old and haggish a woman may be, she gets heaps of attention.
There are clever caricatures - a chess piece, a Parisienne streetwalker, a harsh, pinched, haggish drawing showing up an attractive woman's worst features.