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 (hăg′ē-ŏg′rə-fē, hā′jē-)
n. pl. hag·i·og·ra·phies
a. The writing of the lives of saints.
b. A biography of a saint.
a. The writing of an admiring or idealized biography.
b. An admiring or idealized biography.

hag′i·og′raph·er n.
hag′i·o·graph′ic (-ə-grăf′ĭk), hag′i·o·graph′i·cal adj.


(ˌhæɡɪˈɒɡrəfə) or


1. (Theology) a person who writes about the lives of the saints
2. (Theology) one of the writers of the Hagiographa


(ˌhæg iˈɒg rə fər, ˌheɪ dʒi-)

also hag`i•og′ra•phist,

1. one of the writers of the Hagiographa.
2. a writer of lives of the saints; hagiologist.
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Noun1.hagiographer - the author of a worshipful or idealizing biography
biographer - someone who writes an account of a person's life


[ˌhægɪˈɒgrəfəʳ] Nhagiógrafo/a m/f


n (lit, fig)Hagiograf(in) m(f)
References in classic literature ?
Ogg the son of Beorl," says my private hagiographer, "was a boatman who gained a scanty living by ferrying passengers across the river Floss.
The poetry critics are not really critics at all, but rather hagiographer paladins of publishers.
He is neither a revisionist nor a hagiographer (although sometimes he does lean in that direction); rather, he is the man in the middle and he writes as one.
Stansbury contextualizes Adomnan's work as a hagiographer as well as situating the Schaffhausen manuscript in relationship to the B manuscript recensions which go back to a no-longer extant common exemplar B.
More a hagiographer than a biographer, Spence has been the purveyor of embroidered tales about Marcos' life and deeds to the credulous and gullible public, both Philippine and American.
Supply and installation of a hagiographer biplane for functions of neuroradiology - New Cona Hospital.
The story of William of Norwich and his hagiographer, one Brother Thomas, began in the year 1144 when William, a young leather apprentice in Norwich, England, was persuaded to leave home with the promise of a job in an archdeacon's household.
Gulley also looks briefly at the work of the earlier Anglo-Saxon hagiographer, Aldhelm, and refers to him throughout her discussion.
His experience was recorded by the Muslim historian 1bn 'yds and by a Coptic hagiographer.
While it was brought to fruition in a Franciscan ambience, Micheal O Cleirigh's collaborators were laymen, though it was John Colgan, Franciscan friar and hagiographer, who gave the team the memorable title of the four masters.
65-80) presents the legend from Alonso de Villegas' Flos sanctorum, calling the reader's attention to how this hagiographer compares Catherine to the most esteemed of Solomon's wives, and crowns her with red, blue, and white laurels signifying martyrdom, preaching, and virginity.