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 (hăg′ē-ŏg′rə-fē, hā′jē-)
n. pl. hag·i·og·ra·phies
a. The writing of the lives of saints.
b. A biography of a saint.
a. The writing of an admiring or idealized biography.
b. An admiring or idealized biography.

hag′i·og′raph·er n.
hag′i·o·graph′ic (-ə-grăf′ĭk), hag′i·o·graph′i·cal adj.
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The author of this book sets out to interpret the lives of the Bronte siblings through an extensive evaluation of the belongings they left behind, many of which have developed hagiographic qualities among Bronte fans.
A sample of popular hagiography about the three saints, Of official hagiographic collections, And of italian literary texts, Where the theme of sanctity tends to be unconventionally elaborated and dissociated from catholic values.
An anonymous author in England wrote it during the first half of the 13th century, he says, and though the sole extant copy is incomplete, it remains one of the longest hagiographic narratives in Anglo-Norman literature.
Mostly written with little attention to standards of historical scholarship, such works are a distinctly hagiographic form of family memorabilia.
While being an archive of histories, Marg is simultaneously a chronicle of the contemporary; in this it both constructs as well as questions historical narratives, eschewing hagiographic approaches in scholarship.
As a hagiographic work, its focus on temporal situations, especially political stability and inheritance, distracts the audience from the dream-vision and miracles on which the plot relies; as a romance, its focus on a female protagonist, rather than a male, seems oddly out of place.
Most of the power, however, resided in the pens of the clerics, who drew on older hagiographic texts to create musical devotions that extol the merits of the saints and the city.
There was absolutely no need for a film on Malala to acquire hagiographic proportions, and the filmmaker's bid to overstress on his subject's status as a hallowed icon hurts the intention of the film.
Lambert's skull to illustrate music's role in articulating the interrelationships between saintly and civic merit, ecclesiastical and civic politics, and the hagiographic narratives that underpinned it all.
State television broke away from regular programming with a hagiographic tribute to Lee's life.
It hosts hagiographic treasures from churches and monasteries of the Limassol bishopric, covering a wide stylistic and chronological spectrum spanning from the twelfth to the nineteenth century.
In particular, after a few brief references to hagiological studies in medieval Christianity, Quintman focuses on an exposition of Patrick Geary's approach to the study of hagiographic sources (Geary 1996).