hailing distance

hail′ing dis`tance

1. the distance within which the human voice can be heard.
2. reach; range: Success is within hailing distance.
References in classic literature ?
We now signaled the flagship of Helium's navy to approach, and when she was within hailing distance I called out that we had the Princess Dejah Thoris on board, and that we wished to transfer her to the flagship that she might be taken immediately to the city.
Trent was within hailing distance before he recognised the European.
Von Horn ran the small boat within hailing distance of the dismasted hulk whose side was now lined with waving, gesticulating natives.
The watch upon the tower was thrown into confusion by the approach of so large a party of armed men, so that, by the time they were in hailing distance, the walls of the great structure were crowded with fighting men.
Within hailing distance they set up such a loud shouting that presently heads appeared above the top of the parapet and soon answering shouts were rising from within Fort Dinosaur.
It's all settled," announced the lady, with great animation, when they came within hailing distance.
The only team within hailing distance happens to be Everton.
The detainees alleged that during monthly lockdown searches of the jail, they were confined for 48 to 50 hours at a time to their cells, where they were not under observation or within hailing distance of correctional officers.
Of course, given the fact that I live within hailing distance of the stadium, not even an armour-plated, sound-proofed bank vault could successfully cocoon me from all the swirling emotions of the match.
It's pretty hard to swallow polyethylene prices within hailing distance of a dollar a pound and polypropylene and polystyrene from 70 cents to 80 cents a pound or more.
Even so, both the Market Tightness and Sales Volume Index are within hailing distance of the breakeven level and the Debt Financing Index rose despite some rise in interest rates.
He went off at such a gallop under Ruby Walsh you felt he had to come back eventually, but apart from the opposition closing briefly when Walsh gave him a breather turning out of the back straight, nothing got within hailing distance.