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A pellet of hail.


(Physical Geography) a pellet of hail



a pellet of hail.
[before 1000; M; Old English hagolstān]
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Noun1.hailstone - small pellet of ice that falls during a hailstorm
hail - precipitation of ice pellets when there are strong rising air currents
ice, water ice - water frozen in the solid state; "Americans like ice in their drinks"
حَبَّة بَرَد
hagl, haglél
zrno toče


[ˈheɪlstəʊn] Ngranizo m, piedra f (de granizo)


[ˈheɪlstəʊn] ngrêlon m


[ˈheɪlˌstəʊn] nchicco di grandine


(heil) noun
1. small balls of ice falling from the clouds. There was some hail during the rainstorm last night.
2. a shower (of things). a hail of arrows.
to shower hail. It was hailing as I drove home.
ˈhailstone noun
a ball of hail. Hailstones battered against the window.
References in classic literature ?
Neither is this at all to be wondered at, because nature, in that country, observing the same proportion through all her operations, a hailstone is near eighteen hundred times as large as one in Europe; which I can assert upon experience, having been so curious as to weigh and measure them.
A shower of rain drove down upon us, each drop stinging like a hailstone.
The weather had become worse than ever towards evening; the hail lashed the drenched mare so cruelly that she went along sideways, shaking her head and ears; but Levin was all right under his hood, and he looked cheerfully about him at the muddy streams running under the wheels, at the drops hanging on every bare twig, at the whiteness of the patch of unmelted hailstones on the planks of the bridge, at the thick layer of still juicy, fleshy leaves that lay heaped up about the stripped elm-tree.
Oaths flew like hailstones, and every now and then there came forth such an explosion as I thought was sure to end in blows.
The great buildings about me stood out clear and distinct, shining with the wet of the thunderstorm, and picked out in white by the unmelted hailstones piled along their courses.
I was the butt of a hundred arrows; they rattled on mine armour like hailstones against a latticed casement, and the only use I made of my shield was for her protection.
The leader of the Wheelers hesitated to give this order, so Tiktok shook him as a terrier dog does a rat, until the Wheeler's teeth rattled together with a noise like hailstones on a window pane.
It was a heavy fire which overwhelmed these wretches with a thousand hailstones.
These hailstones were flat, and one was ten inches in circumference, and another weighed two ounces.
A man's life being to be taken and the price of it got, the hailstones to arrest the purpose must lie larger and deeper than those.
All these came pelting down, like a shower of many- colored hailstones, upon the heads of grown people and children, who forthwith gathered them up, and carried them back to the palace.
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