hair implant

hair′ im`plant

the insertion of synthetic fibers or human hair into a bald area of the scalp. Compare hair transplant.
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She reckons her firm has sold more than 1,000 of the hair implant hats in two years -- and 100 in three days at Dubai Derma last year alone.
Hair implant coordinator Meral Tala, explained the technical procedure involved during the operation.
Irfan Atik, general manager of a tourism agency, that specializes in hair transplant tour packages, estimates that minimum of 50 Arab tourists go to Istanbul every day for getting hair implant done.
While implanting hair on the scalp is common, men are now looking for facial transplants, and Turkey, with its highly successful hair implant businesses, is becoming a popular destination for such tourists.
A hair implant of which Wayne Rooney no doubt cast envious eyes at on Sunday indicates he doesn't mind courting the spotlight either.
HE may be a winner with his head but Woon Rayney (sic), the self-proclaimed Big Man of soccer, spent a two-match ban shaving off swathes of his pounds 30,000 hair implant.
At Sculpta, we offer an advanced hair implant treatment that is pain free and leaves no scarring, as it is a micro-surgical technique that doesn't require scalpels.
Dubai A mechanic denied taking drugs in court yesterday, claiming that he took medication to stop constant headaches which were being caused by a hair implant surgery he had recently.
Expansion to the existing practice could be general plastic surgery, hair implant and surgical dermatology.
hair implant company last year, and acquired patents related to hair regeneration from a research firm in the field last month.
8221; The procedure only takes about thirty minutes to complete, is painless and does not involve a scalpel like traditional hair implant procedures.
She first appeared on Embarrassing Bodies in an episode originally broadcast on the 12th of March 2012, and was referred to Crown Cosma Clinic by Dr Christian Jessen for correction of her continued hair loss and failed, damaging hair implant surgery.