hair tonic

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tonic - a toiletry for the hairhair tonic - a toiletry for the hair    
pomade, pomatum - hairdressing consisting of a perfumed oil or ointment
toilet articles, toiletry - artifacts used in making your toilet (washing and taking care of your body)
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In Brazil, cashew nut oil was used to treat leprosy, while in India the cashew was used restoratively, as an appetizer, hair tonic, and aphrodisiac.
of Malabon, Bireley's bottled chocolate drink, Sulfa Hair Tonic, Nullo tablets to stop body odor that were 'eaten like candy, safe as a lettuce leaf,' Rooster and Santa Claus Coffee from La Campana food products, Lady's Choice: Salad Dressing, Sandwich Spread, and Mayonnaise, Gold Medal Flour, Silver Swan and Lauriat Premium Soy Sauce, Maja perfume, and soap filled a page and was completely in Spanish.
It is a super hair tonic that prevents premature hair loss.
There are nine different types of IV drips, which clients can choose from; Wellness Protcol, Mood Support, Athlete Sport, Booster Shot Glutathione, Energizer, Age Defiance, Detox Fat Burning, Immuno Booster and Hair Tonic.
Currently, minoxidil, a synthetic hair tonic and a vasodilator, is available in the market in various concentrations and is used for hair growth promoting effects.
The package held two 14-ounce bottles of hair tonic.
The package held two 14-ounce bottles of ethanol-based Clubman Jeris Hair Tonic.
On display are Clarkes World Famous Blood Mixture, Sloan's Liniment and Carboy Hair Tonic.
Tillman's Skin Bleach Cream contained mercury while Kala-Kola Hair Tonic contained levels of lead.
Infused with a tuberose flower, this divine-smelling coconut oil is a multi-purpose potion you THE HAIR TONIC POST-HOLIDAY hair needs some TLC.
A hair tonic usually represents a formulation that contains a large number of components which are either a chemical compound or a compound obtained from natural source like Pilocarpus pennatifolius, Emblica officinalis, and so forth and many may have an oily base.
While studying contemplative psychology at Naropa University in Boulder in 2010, Brandy Monique opened an Etsy storefront to sell "organic handcrafted apothecary products," such as mouth rinse, hair tonic and underarm lotion.